No Escape!


This fly didn’t stand a chance once it hit the web.




As the first day of Autumn approaches I’m holding on to Summer for as long as I can.  I love sitting still among the flowers and watching all the Summertime activity they bring.

Life can be crazy and living with ADHD adds to the chaos so I am purposely trying to bring peace and tranquillity into my life and seek out serenity wherever I can.

Funny how just sitting in the back garden can bring so much joy and happiness if you let it.

Black Widow Spider Oh My!


My son found this Black Widow Spider in one of our sheds last night.  To be honest I was too damn scared to get closer for a better photo and I did drop the jar it was in at least once much to my son’s chagrin.  You’ll be happy to hear he did release it into the wild so it can scare the crap out of someone else 🙂

FYI – The top shed is now off limits to me!!!!!

Meet Doris, my new nemesis!

I have a new nemesis. Her name is Doris and she’s a royal pain in the ass.


Last year we purchased a vacation home in the Okanagan that  sits on a hillside overlooking the beautiful Okanagan Lake.  Now that the weather is hot and sunny, I have turned my attention to gardening and landscaping which is a challenge due to the steep hillside, my lack of gardening knowledge and Doris.  We have done minimal gardening due to the fact that our previous house had lawn and flower beds which meant cutting the lawns once a week and weeding the flower beds when they became an eyesore.  When we moved into the city’s downtown area, we bought a lovely townhouse that came with its own gardeners….yay!!  We promptly gave all our gardening tools to our son that had just purchased a home and we were happy.

Fast forward five years and we are now facing gardening challenges that are proving to be a huge learning experience.  I am learning that we are in a perfect growing environment which is why there are fruit orchards and vegetable farms everywhere not to mention we are in wine country.  I have personally taken this on as a challenge and am on a quest to plant as much foliage (is that the word?) as possible.   My challenge…… plants, shrubs and trees that grow well on steep rocky hillsides, like full sun and that Doris doesn’t like too much.  Mission impossible? I hope not.